Soul Business Life is designed for all those people who are ready to make changes in their lives with “tools” of quantum field healing, to make decisions, and to take responsibility for them.

Soul Healing

Everything has a soul, a spirit as well as a body; or in scientific terms: information, energy and matter. Challenges arise because we have negative information in our field, in our DNA, RNA. Be it in health, relationships, our business, our career. How can we transform this? We can learn to transform negative information into positive information. The Soulhealer has different tools to accompany the client on this path. These include a special ancient script, Tao calligraphy (Yi Bi Zi), ancient traditions and spiritual practices, coupled with Chinese medicine.

How does Soulhealing work? Soulhealing unfolds through light transmissions. The Soulhealer acts as a channel for the power of the highest source; made possible by the many years of training at the Tao Academy in Canada by Dr.Zhi Gang Sha and daily practice.

There are different tools, such as Tao Calligraphy, Tao Hands, Guan Yin Lineage and more. The client actively participates in his transformation process and thus decides the pace himself.

Tao Hands

Tao Hands are a unique spiritual transmission of light. They carry high frequencies and vibrations of the field of oneness. They also carry the qualities of love, forgiveness and compassion. Tao hands have the ability to transform negative fields and vibrations into positive fields and vibrations.

Tao hands can work directly at the cause of illness, they can change negative information (blockages) into positive information (health, harmony, well-being). This makes them a great complement to all conventional medical methods.

Dr.Sha:” Heal the soul first, then the mind and body follow.”

Relationships, job, finances, true love, one’s own living space/house/property, also consist of information, energy and matter and sometimes carry negative information. here too, the living and living space, for example, can be positively influenced through quantum field healing.

Tao Calligraphy

Tao Calligraphy is a positive tao quantum field with pure, positive, highest information from the source, a special Chinese art. Tao calligraphy (Yi Bi Zi) has the power to transform health, relationships, finances and much more. As countless examples and studies worldwide confirm, it is a very special solution for our health challenges, relationships, career as well as our personal development.
Sha Research Foundation/ „Shen Medicine“ written by Dr. Peter Hudouba, Neurosurgeon

Through so-called tracing or Tao Calligraphy Tai Chi we bring our internal Qi back into healthy flow.

Tao Calligraphy helps us to unfold our true potentials, activate our self-healing powers and is one of the fastest ways of transformation. There are countless heart-touching stories from people all over the world.
Tao Calligraphy is thus a powerful tool to improve, can eliminate life’s challenges quickly and without side effects.

Gudrun Schade - Sängerin, Schauspielerin

Ich bin auf Britta aufmerksam geworden, als ich mir ihr Podcast Interview mit Sarah Schönrogg anhörte. Ihre Geschichte und ihre Arbeit haben mich sehr interessiert, sodass ich Kontakt zu ihr aufnahm. Britta hat mich von Anfang an sehr liebevoll und behutsam aufgenommen, mir sehr wertvolle Tips gegeben, die ich gut umsetzen konnte bis zu unserem gemeinsamen Termin. Das Blessing selbst war sehr entspannt und einfühlsam. Ich habe direkt eine Veränderung gespürt, aber auch große Erschöpfung für den Rest des Tages. Britta begleitet mich noch immer, indem sie Kontakt aufnimmt und fragt, wie es mir geht. Dadurch fühle ich mich aufgehoben und gesehen. Britta ist ein wundervoller Mensch, dem ich mich jederzeit wieder anvertrauen würde und die ich wärmstens mit ihrer Arbeit weiterempfehlen kann.

Michaela Kuschel - Unternehmerin

Wer oder was heilt, hat recht …

Brittas wunderbare Arbeit ist vielleicht für den „normalen“ Menschenverstand nicht greifbar – und dennoch sind Wirkung und Erfolg nicht von der Hand zu weisen. Ob Lampenfieber, virale Erkrankungen oder vermeintlich Chronische … Ich durfte jedes Mal mindestens sofortige Linderung oder gar Spontanheilung erfahren. Eine sensationell neue Art der Behandlung von Themen auf einer fantastisch anderen Ebene. Aus tiefstem Herzen: Danke schön!

Sarah Schönrogg - Mallorca lovers Podcast

Ich habe es einfach auf mich zukommen lassen, ich habe nicht daran geglaubt und es dennoch zugelassen. Am nächsten Tag ging es mir gesundheitlich so so viel besser, ich würde es bei Gesundheitsthemen immer wieder tun und auf alle Fälle auch weiterempfehlen.

Aren Singh Bahia - Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach

Britta has an amazing nurturing energy you can easily feel virtually, her energy transcends space and time and her healing is the real deal! Thank you Britta for helping me during such a difficult time, you made a real difference for me.

Ksenia Raybova - Luxury Living Consultant

When I first saw Britta, I was hypnotized by her amazing energy and big blue eyes, and when she mentioned that she is a Light worker I was hooked and wanted to have Britta’s light session. The effect of that session is still ongoing, I am beyond grateful for Britta’s service to others as a Tao Hands practitioner and as a beautiful friend, who makes dreams of people come true, mine was done within 24 hrs. Lots of LOVE and LIGHT right back at Britta


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