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The question of whether spiritual laws are also physical laws comes up regularly. Is there a link that connects spirituality and science?

Albert Einstein and other well-known scientists have been searching for this theory in order to be able to explain how all the fundamental particles and forces in the universe were and are created, how they interact and what their purpose is. So far, however, no one has succeeded in doing so profoundly.

Why is this so? Spiritual wisdom and scientific wisdom do not yet have a common language. Is it possible to explain spiritual principles scientifically and mathematically? In this groundbreaking book, renowned spiritual teacher and master, Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha and quantum physicist Dr Rulin Xiu have joined forces to introduce Tao Science. 

Tao is the source of all living beings and things. Tao Science is the science of Source and Creation. It is the science that teaches us what all living beings and things are made of, how all living beings and things are created, how all living beings and things interact, and much more. Tao Science is the science of great unification. It unites science with spirituality at the most fundamental level. It unifies all living beings, things and aspects in our lives.

This book will be especially eye-opening for those who are interested in science and the soul, and will profoundly expand their consciousness. 

This book will help all those who are interested not only in science and the soul, the power of love, the power of the universe but also all those who want to use their own power to transform their lives and also the lives of others. 

It is a personal recommendation from us, as it will most likely benefit all those who long to live in complete love, in peace as well as in harmony.

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I am often asked what exactly a light transmission is, or how it is implemented. First of all: A spiritual light transmission is only possible through the Tao Hands. A light transmission serves to promote self-healing and supports the transformation of negative information in the client’s field into positive information.

I do not need to touch the client with my hands, as you might know from Reiki.

In the run-up to the session, I discuss with the client the topic for which this transference is to take place. Only one theme is possible per session. This can be in particular

An organ
An emotion
A profession
House, flat, land or business premises

I usually take pictures of the person before and after the session so that it is possible to see what changes have taken place.
Quantum field healing actively addresses the client himself, i.e. the client receives an exercise programm on his way and thus decides the speed of the transformation process himself.

Is your interest aroused? Then please contact us directly for a session.




As a five-year-old, I was already able to experience the themes of “life and death” when I saw my grandmother die of cancer. The suffering and sadness of my family touched me deeply at that time. From then on, I asked myself how “one” can go through life healthy and happy.

The topics of happiness in life, healthy nutrition as well as sport were always big in this context, laughter and above all doing the things that bring you joy were already enormously important to me at that time.

But there were further strokes of fate of a health nature in the family.

All these events led me to start working on my inner self with experienced healers in order to understand more about my body, mind and soul.

So I started with kinesiologists, followed by an epigenticist, a human geneticist and then finally with Quantum Filed Healing. This particularly fascinated me and after training as a TAO HANDS Practitioner (see also TAO HANDS) I can now help other people to transform their life issues in a positive and gentle way.



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